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Accurate Medical Gas Verifications & Inspections

Ensure your equipment is up to code with Wright Hand Testing & Consulting of Placerville, California. I provide detailed medical gas inspections and verifications for health care facilities.


Facility medical gas inspections consist of supply networking and patient utilization of the equipment. I carefully inspect the source equipment itself for: 

Oxygen Supply - Medical Gas Verifications
• Leaks
• Pressure
• Flow
• Cross Connections
• Purity
• Concentrations
• Particulates


Detailed Reports

All information is recorded into a final report. The report itself is found within an annual medical gas inspection.

New & Remodeled Medical Gas Verifications

California requires that all medical gas work in a health care facility must be verified. That's where I come in. I generate concise reports that allow you to close out your project quickly. My verification reports include:

• Standing Pressure Test Results
• Cross Connection Test Results
• Valve & Alarm Test Results
• Operation Pressure Test Results
• Piping Purge, Particulate, &
  Piping Purity Analysis
• Final Tie In Test Results
• Medical Gas Concentration Test
• Labeling & Source
  Equipment Verification


If I find a leak or other fault with your equipment during the verification process, I can repair it. Leak detection in particular takes considerable skill. I'm good at what I do and can isolate and repair the leak quickly. I work on all major manufacturer patient outlets/inlets.

Contact me at (916) 944-4444 in Placerville, California, for state medical gas verifications.